Tropical medicine commonly means the diseases that are more common in tropics (alongside, the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn belts). This covers most of the communicable diseases, and some of the non communicable diseases that are common in tropical belt. It also includes some genetic disorders, nutritional deficiencies, diseases due to environmental conditions (such as heat, humidity and altitude) and animal/arthropod bites and poisoning As the tropic of cancer passes through Bhopal , there could not be a better place than AIIMS Bhopal to establish the RCTID. Department of General Medicine in association with all other major specialties, established the RCTID in 2018.

The “Resource Center of Tropical and Infectious Diseases” (RCTID) is a unique trans- disciplinary regional center of excellence with mandate of high quality service delivery, deductive teaching-training programs and operational clinical research. Various specialties walk along in a cohesive manner to achieve public health.

RCTID provides service delivery at various strata. It caters service to individual patient at AIIMS Bhopal (main OPD block, its urban and rural outreach centers), online support to the health care providers across the region by “Tropical and Infectious Disease- HELP” (TID HELP), operating “Outbreak Response Team” (ORT) and outreaching epidemic site, hand holding state run administration in establishing various standard operating protocols (SOP), guidelines, and quality improvement in health care delivery in this field..

RCTID is actively engaged in various teaching training activities. This center will prepare a work force in the model of center and spoke to work at satellite centers of the region. The center works in close collaboration to state run health care providers.

AIIMS Bhopal being Institute of National Importance (INI) RCTID will be actively involved in trans-disciplinary operational research on common and uncommon neglected tropical diseases.